The rice paper pizza

 In Saigon, Street Food

Have you already tried a Vietnamese pizza?

Actually, it’s not really a pizza but it looks like it.

This very popular street food called “Bánh tráng nướng” (literally meaning “grilled rice paper”) is much beloved by young people.

It is made of some rice paper grilled over a coal grill and covered with various toppings. Some quail or chicken egg is beaten directly on top of the rice paper and spread evenly to help gluing the toppings. Toppings are various: it could be fish, minced meat, dried shrimps, sliced sausage, cheese, peanuts, fried shallots, spring onion, herbs and fish sauce…

In Saigon, you can find vendors cooking and selling them next to school gates, city parks and around Hồ Con Rùa roundabout (Turtle Lake). Be aware that you can get easily addicted to this crispy and tasty snack!

If you want to feel the pulse of the city at night and taste this local pizza, join our evening street food tour!

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