Tân Định Church

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During our tour aboard vintage cars, we cross different areas of the city and pass by Tân Định area.

Tân Định church is quite iconic in Ho Chi Minh City and always surprises and fascinates visitors with its walls painted with a joyful pink and adorned with decorative white motifs.

Somehow, shall we dare to say that it kind of remind of a huge cream cake? 😃

Built in 1876 and more than 50 meters high, Tân Định church was designed in Romanian style with Gothic and Renaissance elements. It is said to be the second biggest church in Ho Chi Minh City, after Notre Dame Cathedral and one of the earliest catholic institution to be established in Saigon.

Outside mass hours, there reigns a quiet and pleasant tranquility in the church as well as outside in the yard and in the small garden at the back.

Last time we came was around 5:15pm, and floods of local visitors were converging on the parking and the building to attend mass which has already started. It was the rush time!

Quite a bustling atmosphere and such a lovely golden light as the daylight was fading. It was a great time to take pictures and to enjoy the moment!

To get an overview of the city’s essentials in a short time and to visit Tân Định church, we recommend you do not miss our morning discovery tour.

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