“Nước Sâm”, a very healthy drink!

 In Saigon, Street Food

Have you ever wondered what this black drink was?

This black-colored popular drink is a herbal tea and is usually served over ice, without sugar, making it perfect to sip in the heat of another steamy day. It is considered as tonic and believed to have “cooling” and restorative properties according to Chinese medicine.

It is made from many different medicinal herbs. Recipes varies from one shop to another but the basic “nước sâm” contains sugar caneartichokecorn silknettle leaves and grass roots. You can as well have it from chrysanthemum, cilantro flower, liquorice or even dried longan or roasted water chestnuts.

So many weird ingredients! However, it is worth a try as it is very revitalizing especially on a very hot day. If you are not keen on the bitter-flavored taste, you can ask a bit of sugar!

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