Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

· What is the maximum capacity of a 2CV?

3 adults and 1 kid can seat at the same time in the 2CV or in La Dalat car.

· Are the tours commentated?

One English speaking guide will arrive ahead of the cars and will meet you up at certain key locations in order to give you a few explanations and details. However please note that our tour is not a classical guided-tour as the guide will not be with you during the whole duration of the excursion.

· Does the tour include stops to get some food & drinks ?

Along the night tour, several stops are scheduled along the itinerary, so you can taste some typical Vietnamese products. There will also be plenty of opportunities along the ride to grab some extra food from street vendors. Along the morning tour, some stops will include drinks, however lunch is not included.

· Can children enjoy the tour?

Of course children will love that open-top ride and our tours are designed so that the whole family can enjoy it. Children must be accompanied by adults at all time.

· Can you adapt the food stops to any diet requirements?

Yes! Before the night tour, simply inform us of your allergies and dietary requirements at the time of your booking. We will adapt the food stops accordingly.

· Do I have to tip the driver?

Our drivers do not expect any tip from visitors. They are fairly paid. However, if you feel like rewarding one of them, feel free to do so. Just keep in mind that you have to remain reasonable.

· Can I offer a 2CV Tour to a relative?

Yes, this will be a great gift to discover the city, please contact us with more details!

· What happens in case of rain?

Rainy season in South Vietnam is mostly from September to November. From November to June the risk of rain is very low. From July to September (usually called “rainy season”), rains are very short showers and do not occur as often as thought. In case of rain, your driver will immediately put the convertible roof back in order to shelter you. You may at worst get a few rain drops; this is one of the pleasures to be in a legendary car!