5 things about Ho Thi Ky Flower Market

 In Saigon

Ho Thi Ky Flower Market is the largest flower market in Ho Chi Minh City and one of the most popular. It supplies flowers to the whole city and some provinces in the South of Vietnam.


This market is an amazing place to visit to be totally immersed and swept up into a whirlwind of colors and smells! It is a never-ending maze of flower stalls, private houses, hidden and quiet “hems” (alleys), typical street food stalls… A real treat for the eyes!

Here are few facts you should know before going to Ho Thi Ky market.

1. Where is it located?

Around 5km from the heart of the city, the market is located on the street of the same name: Hẻm 52 Hồ Thị Kỷ, Phường 1, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh City. To get there, it should cost you approximately 125,000 VND by Grabcar.

2. What time should you go there?

Well it’s open 24 hours so it’s up to you! It depends what kind of experience you are looking for.  

It could be a a very unusual experience to go there in the middle of the night! From midnight to early morning, flowers from everywhere arrive by truck and shoppers cut, trim, prepare and package them so they can be put on the shelves for sale. From 2AM to 7AM, it is the busiest time, atmosphere being quite hectic and chaotic! 

In the morning, traders come here to buy flowers in big quantities for the shops and for smaller markets.

As it is getting hot quite quickly we recommend you to go there before 9AM or after 7PM

3. How old is this market?

It was founded in the 1980’s and it is the largest flower market in Ho Chi Minh City. 

4. Where do the flowers come from?

Most of the flowers come from Dalat and Mekong Delta region but others come from the Netherlands or Hungary. You can find all kind of flowers, roses, lilies, tulips, hydrangeas, sunflowers, orchids and many more.

5. What you should not forget to bring when you go there

Confortable shoes, light clothes and of course your camera or your smartphone to take plenty of pictures! And you can return home with a nice fresh bunch of your favorite flowers!

The pictures below were taken in Ho Thi Ky Market just before TET, at this crazy time of the year when all locals buy flowers to decorate their homes and shops. It was a really unforgettable experience to wander around those beautiful and flamboyant flower stalls!

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